About Us

Established in 2012, Shining Bright is a lifestyle and fashion brand based out of Jakarta, Indonesia, as a creative endeavour from its founder Ari Fiyanto, and later joined by Bimantara Budimansyah , a young, creative personality that already established a huge following among Indonesian audience due to his captivating image.

The name was chosen to represent his vision of a timeless brand that will stand the test of time and to projects enlightment to its surroundings. With the founders strong focus on simple, understated design for the youth, Shining Bright carried out its first collections with everyday apparels, namely hoodie, t-shirts, outerwear and headwear, emblazoned with trend-relevant and mesmerizing graphics.

Six years after its inception, Shining Bright has grown into one of the major player in Indonesian creative fashion industry. Supported with solid collections in each season to cater to the brand’s popular demand. For the future, the founders have already laid the groundwork for their next moves for as a quintessential Indonesian brand and the source of inspiration for youth, to preserve their light keeps on shining bright.